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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Month to month rental agreement 30 day notice

Instructions and Help about Month to month rental agreement 30 day notice

Let's go to Tony in Winter Garden Tony you're on news 96 five go ahead yes good morning gentlemen I have a town house that I rent out and the tenants have moved out a few months ago I have an acquaintance that I work with and he got a divorce and he needed a place to move in too quick so we he's been in there now for approximately two months but I still haven't given him the least a sign I am a little concerned about his money situation after you able to make the monthlies so should I go with a month-to-month lease when I see him well should I go with the years at least which is gonna be the easiest to me to evict and I had Tony that is a question for this I'm gonna turn you over to an attorney Rob Solomon so that's the question Rob from from Tony's perspective is it okay to have an overall month-to-month lease who would Tony be better off with a written one-year lease okay Tony so so the person who came in actually is a tenant even though you haven't written anything down he's been there I presume he's been paying rent any so he's a month-to-month tenant now you raise a very interesting question one that I talked about in my workshops which is is there really a benefit to a landlord to have a year two year lease as opposed to a month-to-month lease and and I think this is where I do give some advice it's a little bit counterintuitive which is I actually think that landlords are better with month-to-month leases I don't like that it's not written you can write a month-to-month lease I write them all the time if you needed one that's something that we could do for you so it should be a written one with all the appropriate terms in it but the benefit of a month-to-month lease for a landlord is when you want him to leave if you want to sell the place it's relatively short notice for it to get him out on the other hand when when he departs on a lease you'll never going to see him again possibly and so well a year-to-year at least sticks you with the lease it binds you way more in a practical way than it binds the tenant so I'm a believer in in month-to-month leases for landlords so Rob what you're saying is always from your advise is that the landlord have the lease in rightfully but not necessarily for a one-year term a month term could be a serve the landlord better yeah and the only reason why landlords don't do it is a merc is a commercial reason which is it's hard to get tenants in when you don't promise them a year but his tenant is already and is already a month-to-month tenant got it.


I believe my month-to-month rental agreement for renting out two rooms in a home shared with my landlord fails to specify that the premises are for those two rooms, can I move out without 30 days notice?
I believe my month-to-month rental agreement for renting out two rooms in a home shared with my landlord fails to specify that the premises are for those two rooms, can I move out without 30 days notice?nIf there are 2 people on a month to month rental agreement can 1 of them give their 30 day written notice to vacate without having an eviction against them?nMy landlord decided he wanted his relatives to move in the house I'm currently renting from him. He gave me 13 days to leave and turned off the power on the 14th day. What can I do about this legally?nMy daughter rents a room in NYC. She's just received a 30 day eviction notice because the property has been sold for redevelopment. Does she have to comply? She only just moved in.nMy coworker/roommate is always late with her portion of the rent and it's messing up my rental history. Do I need to give her 30 days notice to vacate if she is not on the lease?nMy landlord paid for utilities for 2 years and is now suddenly saying they will not pay for them anymore. The result is an effective rent increase of about 10%. Is this even legal? What can I do?nWhat can I do? I moved in over a month ago and my landlord said he forgot to give me a background check, and now he says I can't live here, and I need to be out in 2 days.nMy landlord is telling me I have a week to leave because his son needs the apartment. Doesn't he need to give me more notice. How can I find a new place to live in 1 week?nCalifornia Rental Law: How much notice is my landlord required to give on a month to month contract on a place we've leased for over a year?n
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