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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Free month to month lease template

Instructions and Help about Free month to month lease template

I can raise the rent when I want to I could change the terms of the lease when I want to and frankly I can boot them out if I need to hey everyone Kevin Imam spine Financial Group where we work together so you succeed if you're just stumbling across this video on YouTube be sure to hit the subscribe button and also hit that notification button so you know each time we have fresh new content and I think we would love it if they would leave some comments below I got a very special guest with me today you know him you love him Justin Cooper we're talking a little bit today about rental properties and managing rental properties and we have a 4 second discussion before we got in front of the camera here about whether we should do longer term lease like a year or more or a month-to-month shorter term lease so Justin with the 4 seconds of preparation what do you think we should we should do with our leases so something we hadn't discussed in the 4.2 seconds was a hybrid doing both what if someone was to have a long term say 12 month lease at the beginning and then when that comes to an end they roll that automatically into a month by month yeah and that's exactly how I do it but what's the I don't really understand why you know that's just the least I've been using for the past 15 or 16 years so I've just been doing it but what's an advantage do you think of using a start on a 12 month lease well first of all if you're gonna be getting any kind of financing if you're just buying the property the 12 month lease can help you qualify for financing your lender might be able to use that to help count towards your income and help you qualify if it's a good one so first off if it could help you get some financing can you pretend leaving because you could build in some penalties and you know pay some rent in advance until we find another tenant if the if you're worried and it might be leaving so it's very common and commercial if you're doing some tenant improvement so you put any money into the commercial space for the tenant to have a longer term lease so that they don't just leave and find a better deal yeah instability for you as the investor as well because provided they don't break their lease which sometimes of course happens you know that you should have this income for the next 12 months speaking of breaking leases I don't know about you guys the viewers here but my experience tennis don't give a about this we'll break the lease so I like to do a month-to-month lease and the reason for that is it protects me I can raise the rent when.


Is there any real way to earn Rs. 5,000 - 10,000 per month in India working a few hours per day online?
In today's world, in order to earn a 5 digit amount per month in INR you need two very important things:A good Internet ConnectionZeal to EarnI am a final year CS engineering student living in bangalore and I come from a middle class family which is not very affluent.Hence I started taking care of all my expenses since the past 1.5 year and have manage to earn a decent ₹ 15,000 - ₹40,000 per month.I'm going to share with you the SECRET formula I came to know from a friend which can fetch you up to a whooping ₹1,00,000 per month.I will be sharing my earning experience in order to explain the Formula:Step 1 : Find out your interests and nurture themI started learning web designing languages like HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT using which I could create very basic websites.I learnt how to create responsive websites using css and created a few sample webpages while learning. 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What is the best strategy to improve my skills in competitive programming in C++ in 2-3 months?
This post has been taken from the blog post  Learn to Code by Competitive Programming written by MV Kaushik when he was interning at HackerEarthHere are some steps to get started and be good at it.Get comfortable writing code in either of one of these languages C, C++ or Java. Why only C, C++ or Java? Because these are the standard languages allowed in any programming competition. If you are already good at C, it is suggested to learn C++. It is the most popular language among competitive programmers because of its speed and an excellent library in the form of STL (Standard Template Library). Pick an online judge. Recommended ones are Topcoder and Codeforces. These sites have high quality of problems and also allow you to see other’s code post contest completion. These also categorize problems based on the topic. Some other popular judges include SPOJ, CodeChef (powered by SPOJ) andHackerEarth. To begin with, start with simple problems that typically require transformingEnglish to code and does not require any knowledge on algorithms. Solving Div 2 250 (Division 2, 250 points) in Topcoder or Div 2 Problem A in Codeforces is a good start.At the early stages of programming one tends to write long pieces of code, which is actually not required. Try to keep codes short and simple.Practice these problems until you become comfortable that you can submit it for 240 odd points on any day.Start implementing basic(or standard) algorithms. 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You can observe that it is simple and shorter than your solution. Analyse how they have approached and improve your implementation skills.Read the editorials after the contest. You can learn how to solve the problems that you were not able to solve in the contest and learn alternative ways to solve the problems which you could solve.Always practice the problems that you could solve in the contest. Suppose if you are able to solve Div 2 250 and 500 in the contest but not Div 2 1000 then practice as many Div 2 1000 problems as as you can.Do not spend too much time if you are not getting the solution or are stuck somewhere. After you feel that you have spent enough time, look at the editorials. Understand the algorithm and code it. Do not look at the actual solution before you have attempted to write the code on your own.Programming is a very practical and hands on skill. You have to continuously do it to be good at it. 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If I’m paying rent should my parents be able to tell me when I can and can’t work?
Your parents will never be out of your life. Well unless you pack up change your name and never make contact again. So if you think they have the "right" to tell you what to do is meaningless. As parents they have opinions on what is best for you and they will voice them whenever they feel necessary. Some parents are quieter than others, but even when they are old and living at your house they will comment on how often you work, how much time you spend with them, your relationships with other people etc etc. From the moment you entered this world (probably even earlier) you became priority #1 like it or not. Get the idea into your head. If you don't want to hear them quite so often move out and pay rent to someone else.
How can I achieve a month to month lease in NYC?
I'm not going to claim a definitive legal answer here but a few points from general experienceIf you don't have a contract detailing the services you expect from someone (such as a landlord) you have no right to expect any services (such as a roof over your head).While landlords have a bad reputation, I have never had an issue asking for a    month to month lease from a landlord, provided we work into the contract a reasonable amount of notice before you end the contract (the two I've done have been 30 days and 60 days).  Even if you do back out of a lease (or any contract) without fulfilling your part of the deal, the other party (the landlord in this case) has a legal obligation to mitigate damages before taking legal action.  This would mean that the landlord would have to make a good faith effort to find a new tenant to take on the lease at the same rate before suing you for the money for the unfulfilled part of your lease.  I would not recommend doing anything to  upset your landlord if you don't have to.  You may need him/her as a reference for a future rental.
How can you move out of your apartment when you are paying month to month and not on a lease?
Thanks for the A2A. Where I live, when a written, signed lease expires, you end up being a month-to-month tenant. Also, you would need to check the landlord/tenant laws which will tell you exactly how much notice you need to give to your landlord prior to moving. Good luck!
What is the business model of "free credit report" companies?
In order to receive your free credit report, you typically need to sign up for a credit protection or monitoring service.  This is different than receiving the report itself.  The monitoring service will be looking at future credit inquiries to help notify you of possible fraudulent activity, etc...   So, for example, if someone is trying to steal your identity you can learn about it sooner and hopefully prevent a bunch of bad things from happening to you or your credit.I believe the services are totally legitimate, but the degree to which you could characterize this as a "scam" is probably related to the marketing and how clear it is to the consumer that they are a) signing up for a service to get the report and b) how difficult they make it to cancel the service once you've signed up.
How much notice am I required to give my landlord that I am moving out of the room I am renting on month to month lease?
It it’s month-to-month, at least 30 days, same as he must give you.You can tell him on Oct. 1st that you plan to be out by Oct. 31st, for instance.Many leases have an auto-renew clause. Most month-to-month leases especially do.If yours has one, it will automatically renew until you or your landlord gives at least 30 days notice, or one of you dies.
How do I reduce my belly fat?
Belly fat is basically “starvation insurance”. Our body is designed to preserve fat in case there is no food for an extended period of time.On average our body needs about 1200 calories (female) and 2022 calories (male) per day to maintain homeostasis (that’s just a fancy word for “keeping us alive and all organs functioning properly”). So yes, even if we are just sitting on a couch and watching Netflix, our body still needs energy because we are alive - we are breathing, our heart is beating, every single cell inside of us is alive and that needs energy!That’s the good news, the bad news is that our bodies are incredibly efficient in terms of energy use. For example lets compare how much energy our body uses vs a Honda Civic (which is considered to be a fuel efficient car).The 2022 Honda Civic will do about 32 miles per gallon. Not bad you’d think. But wait a minute! How many calories is that?Aha! So a Honda Civic needs close to 29 million calories to go 32 miles. How much does a human use to go 32 miles?We use about 100 calories per mile so that is only about 3200 calories for us vs 29 million calories for the Honda Civic! Humans win in terms of energy efficiency, hands down!While this energy efficiency allowed our ancestors to survive in times of starvation, in our modern society, it is more of a curse than a blessing because we now have food available 24/7. Not just regular food but foods that have been engineered to appeal to our taste-buds (high calorie, fatty, sugary, salty) because they sell better and we live in a capitalistic world.The second bad news is that fat is a “slow” source of energy for our body, meaning fat only gets broken down and burned when our body has depleted other “faster” sources of energy.Take a look at the following table, left column:The fastest energy source is ATP/CP (on the very top) which our body uses up first. The second fastest is carbohydrates, then its fat and lastly - when there is no fat available its protein (that’s basically when our body is breaking down itself to survive and “consuming” its own muscle tissue!).Contrary to popular belief, we do not lose more fat the harder we work out. Yes, we do lose ENERGY in form of calories, but calories can come from a number of sources as mentioned above, not just fat.THIS IS WHY SO MANY FAIL IN THE GYM - THEY EXERCISE HARD (HIGH INTENSITY) AND WONDER WHY THEY HAVEN’T LOST ANY FAT, WHEN IN REALITY ALL THE CALORIES THEY LOST CAME FROM CARBS, NOT FAT!To summarize what do we need to do to reduce/lose fat?Establish a daily “calorie baseline”. This is based off of the 1200/2022 calorie recommendation for average sized female/male adults. Your baseline will be different depending on whether you are smaller or bigger than the average.Track the calories you consume daily by reading food labels and/or getting a smartphone app.Reduce your daily caloric intake. The more you reduce your intake, the faster you will see results.Get a heart-rate monitor, they are used to measure how hard or “how intense” you are exercising.When exercising, keep your heart-rate at or below the “fat-burn” zone, if you speed up (increase your pace) beyond the fat burn zone, you no longer burn fat, but carbs!6. For most people “fast walking” will be at or below the fat-burn zone, even jogging will get you outside of the fat-burn zone, so slow down!7. Try replacing high calorie foods with lower calorie alternatives that are still filling (satiate you adequately). For example tofu soaks up the flavor of anything it comes in contact with like a sponge and can be a great healthy replacement for meats.8. When you are going for meat, skip red-meats and go for fish/seafood instead.9. Eat healthy snacks like fruit instead of high-calorie, highly processed ones.10. Use spices to enhance the flavor of healthy foods like vegetables.Stay frosty =)
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