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How to complete any Form Month to Month Rental Agreement online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Free month to month lease template

Instructions and Help about Free month to month lease template

I can raise the rent when I want to I could change the terms of the lease when I want to and frankly I can boot them out if I need to hey everyone Kevin Imam spine Financial Group where we work together so you succeed if you're just stumbling across this video on YouTube be sure to hit the subscribe button and also hit that notification button so you know each time we have fresh new content and I think we would love it if they would leave some comments below I got a very special guest with me today you know him you love him Justin Cooper we're talking a little bit today about rental properties and managing rental properties and we have a 4 second discussion before we got in front of the camera here about whether we should do longer term lease like a year or more or a month-to-month shorter term lease so Justin with the 4 seconds of preparation what do you think we should we should do with our leases so something we hadn't discussed in the 4.2 seconds was a hybrid doing both what if someone was to have a long term say 12 month lease at the beginning and then when that comes to an end they roll that automatically into a month by month yeah and that's exactly how I do it but what's the I don't really understand why you know that's just the least I've been using for the past 15 or 16 years so I've just been doing it but what's an advantage do you think of using a start on a 12 month lease well first of all if you're gonna be getting any kind of financing if you're just buying the property the 12 month lease can help you qualify for financing your lender might be able to use that to help count towards your income and help you qualify if it's a good one so first off if it could help you get some financing can you pretend leaving because you could build in some penalties and you know pay some rent in advance until we find another tenant if the if you're worried and it might be leaving so it's very common and commercial if you're doing some tenant improvement so you put any money into the commercial space for the tenant to have a longer term lease so that they don't just leave and find a better deal yeah instability for you as the investor as well because provided they don't break their lease which sometimes of course happens you know that you should have this income for the next 12 months speaking of breaking leases I don't know about you guys the viewers here but my experience tennis don't give a about this we'll break the lease so I like to do a month-to-month lease and the reason for that is it protects me I can raise the rent when.

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