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Let's go back to work and Nixon line is windy from coca Wendy you're on news 96 five go ahead Mike my question is when you have a lease with a tenant and they don't give notice and they move out say the second day of the month they still open the entire month is that correct Wendy for that I'm going to turn you over to attorney Rob Solomon so which one he's talking about is somebody breaking the lease and moving out in the middle of the night what happens which is actually pretty pretty common happens a lot so let's assume they have a year's lease for this for example and they would the money was due on the first of the month you they didn't get you didn't get paid and they moved out they certainly owe that month they might owe subsequent months as well if their leases for a year if you are unable to rent so in other words you have a duty to mitigate meaning to try to rear end it but if you can't rear end it and there was a lease and they bugged out on the lease they would have not only this month's rent but subsequent month's rent as well that would be due well Rob I think the good news for Wendy probably is that this would be a situation where she could probably consider the property to be abandoned and she could retake possession without going to court well that's right and and just as just as as much as of that as well as that is that she might be able to make a claim on the security deposit once there is a showing that they have moved out which is tom is right which is an abandonment which you have to wait 15 days into the month at least that long and they have not paid the rent and you have reason to believe they're gone you can retake possession of the premise now you have a situation where they've bugged out on the lease you would then make a claim on the security deposit pursuant to security deposit law and if they didn't respond which I'm kind of guessing they might not then you could take the security deposit hey Rob how often do you have to break the news to landlords the bad news at to sue a former tenant is hard difficult often not worthwhile so if when he's thinking hey I'll just sue my tenants for the money they owe me you know gotta give her the bad news that's probably not gonna be successful right so that's a common part of our discussion which is the futility of chasing tenants that's the bad news here's the good news which is get a good security deposit a lot of landlords believe that security deposit can only be one month that is wrong it can be as much as the.