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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Month to month commercial lease florida

Instructions and Help about Month to month commercial lease florida

Let's go back to work and Nixon line is windy from coca Wendy you're on news 96 five go ahead Mike my question is when you have a lease with a tenant and they don't give notice and they move out say the second day of the month they still open the entire month is that correct Wendy for that I'm going to turn you over to attorney Rob Solomon so which one he's talking about is somebody breaking the lease and moving out in the middle of the night what happens which is actually pretty pretty common happens a lot so let's assume they have a year's lease for this for example and they would the money was due on the first of the month you they didn't get you didn't get paid and they moved out they certainly owe that month they might owe subsequent months as well if their leases for a year if you are unable to rent so in other words you have a duty to mitigate meaning to try to rear end it but if you can't rear end it and there was a lease and they bugged out on the lease they would have not only this month's rent but subsequent month's rent as well that would be due well Rob I think the good news for Wendy probably is that this would be a situation where she could probably consider the property to be abandoned and she could retake possession without going to court well that's right and and just as just as as much as of that as well as that is that she might be able to make a claim on the security deposit once there is a showing that they have moved out which is tom is right which is an abandonment which you have to wait 15 days into the month at least that long and they have not paid the rent and you have reason to believe they're gone you can retake possession of the premise now you have a situation where they've bugged out on the lease you would then make a claim on the security deposit pursuant to security deposit law and if they didn't respond which I'm kind of guessing they might not then you could take the security deposit hey Rob how often do you have to break the news to landlords the bad news at to sue a former tenant is hard difficult often not worthwhile so if when he's thinking hey I'll just sue my tenants for the money they owe me you know gotta give her the bad news that's probably not gonna be successful right so that's a common part of our discussion which is the futility of chasing tenants that's the bad news here's the good news which is get a good security deposit a lot of landlords believe that security deposit can only be one month that is wrong it can be as much as the.


If I’m paying rent should my parents be able to tell me when I can and can’t work?
Your parents will never be out of your life. Well unless you pack up change your name and never make contact again. So if you think they have the "right" to tell you what to do is meaningless. As parents they have opinions on what is best for you and they will voice them whenever they feel necessary. Some parents are quieter than others, but even when they are old and living at your house they will comment on how often you work, how much time you spend with them, your relationships with other people etc etc. From the moment you entered this world (probably even earlier) you became priority #1 like it or not. Get the idea into your head. If you don't want to hear them quite so often move out and pay rent to someone else.
How can I achieve a month to month lease in NYC?
I'm not going to claim a definitive legal answer here but a few points from general experienceIf you don't have a contract detailing the services you expect from someone (such as a landlord) you have no right to expect any services (such as a roof over your head).While landlords have a bad reputation, I have never had an issue asking for a    month to month lease from a landlord, provided we work into the contract a reasonable amount of notice before you end the contract (the two I've done have been 30 days and 60 days).  Even if you do back out of a lease (or any contract) without fulfilling your part of the deal, the other party (the landlord in this case) has a legal obligation to mitigate damages before taking legal action.  This would mean that the landlord would have to make a good faith effort to find a new tenant to take on the lease at the same rate before suing you for the money for the unfulfilled part of your lease.  I would not recommend doing anything to  upset your landlord if you don't have to.  You may need him/her as a reference for a future rental.
How can you move out of your apartment when you are paying month to month and not on a lease?
Thanks for the A2A. Where I live, when a written, signed lease expires, you end up being a month-to-month tenant. Also, you would need to check the landlord/tenant laws which will tell you exactly how much notice you need to give to your landlord prior to moving. Good luck!
How much money do I have to make per month to live comfortably in Florida?
Your cost of living will vary depending on your own lifestyle. The best way to make it worth is whether your lifestyle can match the same way as your own lifestyle in your home country.Items include in this calculation are accommodation, transportation, groceries, recreation, apparel and utilities.If you can spend only HALF of your salary for rental, and save other HALF for transportation, groceries, recreation, apparel and utilities then it’s likely you can survive.Of course your spending patterns are different so use the World Cost of Living Calculator spreadsheet (crowdsourced data) to calculate your own budget and get the best eaccording to your own spending pattern not a stranger spending patterns.
How much notice am I required to give my landlord that I am moving out of the room I am renting on month to month lease?
It it’s month-to-month, at least 30 days, same as he must give you.You can tell him on Oct. 1st that you plan to be out by Oct. 31st, for instance.Many leases have an auto-renew clause. Most month-to-month leases especially do.If yours has one, it will automatically renew until you or your landlord gives at least 30 days notice, or one of you dies.
Can you ask a landlord to extend the month’s free rent in a commercial lease, while still in the build-out stage? What is the best way to do it?
You can. They can also say no. You first want to consider if asking is worth it or do you want to save any goodwill for something later.Pointers:Do it in person.Have some good reasons. If your build out isn’t finished because you went on vacation that’s a bad reason. If you got held up on building permits or delayed materials or discovered an issue you are paying to fix that’s a good reason(or at least understandable).Rather than asking for just another free month ask them to back load that month of rent over a year,
How do I reduce my belly fat?
Belly fat is basically “starvation insurance”. Our body is designed to preserve fat in case there is no food for an extended period of time.On average our body needs about 1200 calories (female) and 2022 calories (male) per day to maintain homeostasis (that’s just a fancy word for “keeping us alive and all organs functioning properly”). So yes, even if we are just sitting on a couch and watching Netflix, our body still needs energy because we are alive - we are breathing, our heart is beating, every single cell inside of us is alive and that needs energy!That’s the good news, the bad news is that our bodies are incredibly efficient in terms of energy use. For example lets compare how much energy our body uses vs a Honda Civic (which is considered to be a fuel efficient car).The 2022 Honda Civic will do about 32 miles per gallon. Not bad you’d think. But wait a minute! How many calories is that?Aha! So a Honda Civic needs close to 29 million calories to go 32 miles. How much does a human use to go 32 miles?We use about 100 calories per mile so that is only about 3200 calories for us vs 29 million calories for the Honda Civic! Humans win in terms of energy efficiency, hands down!While this energy efficiency allowed our ancestors to survive in times of starvation, in our modern society, it is more of a curse than a blessing because we now have food available 24/7. Not just regular food but foods that have been engineered to appeal to our taste-buds (high calorie, fatty, sugary, salty) because they sell better and we live in a capitalistic world.The second bad news is that fat is a “slow” source of energy for our body, meaning fat only gets broken down and burned when our body has depleted other “faster” sources of energy.Take a look at the following table, left column:The fastest energy source is ATP/CP (on the very top) which our body uses up first. The second fastest is carbohydrates, then its fat and lastly - when there is no fat available its protein (that’s basically when our body is breaking down itself to survive and “consuming” its own muscle tissue!).Contrary to popular belief, we do not lose more fat the harder we work out. Yes, we do lose ENERGY in form of calories, but calories can come from a number of sources as mentioned above, not just fat.THIS IS WHY SO MANY FAIL IN THE GYM - THEY EXERCISE HARD (HIGH INTENSITY) AND WONDER WHY THEY HAVEN’T LOST ANY FAT, WHEN IN REALITY ALL THE CALORIES THEY LOST CAME FROM CARBS, NOT FAT!To summarize what do we need to do to reduce/lose fat?Establish a daily “calorie baseline”. This is based off of the 1200/2022 calorie recommendation for average sized female/male adults. Your baseline will be different depending on whether you are smaller or bigger than the average.Track the calories you consume daily by reading food labels and/or getting a smartphone app.Reduce your daily caloric intake. The more you reduce your intake, the faster you will see results.Get a heart-rate monitor, they are used to measure how hard or “how intense” you are exercising.When exercising, keep your heart-rate at or below the “fat-burn” zone, if you speed up (increase your pace) beyond the fat burn zone, you no longer burn fat, but carbs!6. For most people “fast walking” will be at or below the fat-burn zone, even jogging will get you outside of the fat-burn zone, so slow down!7. Try replacing high calorie foods with lower calorie alternatives that are still filling (satiate you adequately). For example tofu soaks up the flavor of anything it comes in contact with like a sponge and can be a great healthy replacement for meats.8. When you are going for meat, skip red-meats and go for fish/seafood instead.9. Eat healthy snacks like fruit instead of high-calorie, highly processed ones.10. Use spices to enhance the flavor of healthy foods like vegetables.Stay frosty =)
What are the best ways to lose weight?
I lost 100lbs in 120 days and here is how. The absolute first thing you need to do is take everything you think you know about weight loss and throw it right out the window. The second thing you need to do is not listen to 99.9% of these Doctors,Nutritionist, personal trainers and self proclaimed experts. If we as society are further in advancement of science,technology and modern medicine than ever before why are 76% of us overweight or even obese? I struggled with weight most of my life and I didnt even think I ate that much. I was about 330lbs and every single place I looked or person I spoke to would contradict what someone else had said. For every doctor that said one thing you can find another that will say the opposite. Every month, year, a new best diet, new best weight loss pill, atkins,keto….. stop just stop. I thought about our body, what we put in it and the evolution of mankind and society and it dawned on me. It's our food that's it. It's that simple. You will have a hard time finding early photographs of obese and over weight people. It's very difficult to make this short because I have learned so much about food, what's in it and what it does to us so here is the bare minimum basics. First off you need to research actual caloric intake for your sex,age,weight, and life style. The biggest myth I found that's based on literally no science is that we need 1500–2500 calories a day to survive. Those numbers that have become a “fact" are not true at all. They are based on a government survey done over 50 years ago polling what and how much the average American ate. Do you know how much food has changed in the last 50 years, where it comes from and what goes in it to sustain shelf life. You dont want to know but you need to know. Recent actual studies have shown that people who consume 1200 calories a day over the course of a year showed large mental,physical, and emotional improvements and if they were overweight obviously weight loss. Every thing I will mention is a scrape in the surface but Google these things dig deep past the mainstream “this is how it is” pages and look for recent medical studies etc. There are people that will tell you, you will starve to death on 800 calories or 1000 or 1200. Well that is true if it's 400 calories of French fries and 600 from a burger. Google what 100 calories of skinless chicken breast looks like, or grapes, or almonds, or tuna, or broccoli. I'm over 6ft and 220lbs and can not eat 12 servings of any of that in a day. Angus Barbieri a morbidly obese man under medical supervision did not eat any food for over a year. You heard that right he went 382 days with no food, taking in water, a multi vitamin, potassium supplements, and I think he drank tea. He lost 276lbs suffered no health problems, never put the weight back on and lived a normal healthy life until his natural death decades later. If you are over weight you have stored energy your body will begin to consume, so if you're very over weight you need to take in less. You will hear that its unhealthy or even impossible to lose a lb a day, or you must be dehydrated. Thats also untrue and research will show you why the 3500 calories equals 1lb weight loss theory is incorrect. I lost a little over 100lbs in 120 days. Some days I lost nothing one day i lost 6 but remember I'm a big a guy. If you're a 5ft 8 180lb woman you wont loose weight at the same pace as I did remember i was nearly twice that in weight. You will shed weight fast though and in a healthy manor. Personally for me I have never ate as much or drank as much water as I do now. I never use to even drink water. The bottom line is eat what is natural, do not eat any of these man made inventions and recipes. No lean cuisines no processed foods or liquids. If it didn't 100 percent come out of the ground, grow on tree,bush or was born dont eat it. You might think this sounds boring but the more you learn the more recipes and new foods you'll find. I'll tell you this also if you do this your body will actually detox and become clean of the chemicals that's in it. I tried to drink a lemonade 3 months after eating only natural foods and drinking just water and it tasted like I stuck a straw in a bag of sugar. Your brain will reset I'm telling you it's amazing. You have no idea how good a strawberry taste or an apple. It's amazing what happens and how different you will feel. I know this is a little drawn out and just scratched the surface but it's a starting point. It's going to be more of a mental task than a physical one. You absolutely have to change your lifestyle. If you are over weight you're eating unhealthy and you are more than likely overeating. That's it, you don't have to be spiritual to realize however we all got here it probably was not meant for us to live off of what most of do now. You can find a balance I had tacos last week and I cant give up basic potato chips lol. But I'll tell you the tacos, they dont taste like I remember they arent as good after I feel buzzed and lathargic. I like eating natural now and crave it. Im not a skinny vegitarian type guy either I'm 220lbs, and I feel better than ever. Do the research and make a change. It's worth it, and so are you. I'm almost 40 years old and feel like I'm a kid again.UPDATEI have had some people question my hardwork so I will update this post 1 time. Not to defend myself but to show people who are struggling with weight that it really can be done and don't give up. For those who do understand my tattoos they are a work in progress but I have had none added in over a year never have had any removed. This is 100% me and real. When you take pictures in front of mirrors the image is reversed. Below is a picture of me posted on my IG at a car show Feb 2 with one of my cars I built, as well as a zoomed in screen shot of that post to show you how big i was in Feb Still, one of me in May a few more recent ones as I am still a work in progress. I have photos and videos documenting every step of my story. I also would lik to share a picture of my beautiful better half who embraced a lifestyle change with me and lost 40lbs herself in the same time frame she is so amazing!
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