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Month To Month Lease Form: What You Should Know

A written rental agreement is required in most States to protect itself and tenants from defects in the property, unfair terms of the agreement, tenant misrepresentations, and landlord liability. Written rent & security deposit forms are a requirement in some States, and it's usually a very simple form. You need to sign and date it. Make sure your landlord gets a signature from all the people who will be moving in. Make a statement that anyone who is on the lease will accept the terms of the lease, any disputes will be decided solely in the court system, and that they understand the rental agreement has a limited duration. There are many differences between a lease and a rental agreement: A lease can be legally valid for more than one month. You don't need a written lease when you are moving in.  Most States have a shorter duration of the lease (such as six months or a year, not two years). This is called a rent stabilization law or rent control, where rents are stabilized for a set period of time, and they are subject to annual inflation or increases. Generally, the longer the lease, the more rent control you have.  Most leases set a date for a termination of the lease. Tenants are rarely informed ahead of time and are legally obligated to give notice (unless it's in your lease terms that the notice can be given at any time). The notice for the termination of the lease can be given either prior to the date the lease terminates, or when the lease starts. Most leases have fixed rent amounts and do not have set periods for termination of the lease. The reason this is done is that the landlord can increase the rent and the tenant can only stay because she has paid the deposit. When the landlord notices that rent is going up, that's a serious situation.  A renter will need to be careful in the State to stay clean and sanitary in order to avoid liability of being evicted. There are many lease types and their varying periods and/or termination dates. Your lease is generally a legal document, but the contract you sign when you sign a lease doesn't need to be signed, dated, and signed by everyone. Your lease (in every State) can contain a “rent-only” clause that allows a certain landlord to use the apartment solely as a rental unit to which the lease agreement does not apply.

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FAQ - Month To Month Lease

Should I fill out buying a new car and sell it in three years, or should I lease a car for 36 months?
Financially it works out approximately the same either way. Finance fees for the lease could be a bit higher but maybe not if the loan is for 5 years or more.Either way, you pay for the depreciation of the vehicle during the time you have it. With leasing, you pay for the depreciation directly. With a loan, you pay when you sell the car for less than you originally paid (loss to depreciation).Personally, I would lease in this situation. You simply return the car and avoid the the hassle of selling it.That said, my answer here assumes you understand that leasing limits the number of miles you drive and that you must take good care of your vehicle. If you drive more than about 12,000 miles a year, leasing is not a good option.
What can I do if I need to break a lease? I have been in this apartment for 5 months. I filled out an inventory, stating what needs to be fixed. Nothing has been fixed. Can I leave?
After five months a lots of stuff has broke that you need fixed? The landlord is not required to fix cosmetic issues, only issues that deal with welfare and safety.Also the rent was based on the existing condition. One of the things I cannot stand is when I rented a property to a tenant and then they want a bunch of improvements and I am like fine then the rent will go up.Having said that if the repairs are truly welfare and safety issues, then most landlords will address and fix them. Write the landlord a certified letter. What was the landlordu2019s response. If he does not address the issue then you could write the landlord that you are going to pay rent until these issues are address and then when he files eviction you could put the rent money up in court and make your argument to the judge. If the judge rules against you, then you would not only be responsible for the rent but all the cost of the eviction.
My landlord is telling me I have a week to leave because his son needs the apartment. Doesn't he need to give me more notice. How can I find a new place to live in 1 week?
Typical notice is 30 days. It could be as low as 10 days in special cases such as non payment of rent. Here are the laws in each state via State Rules on Notice Required to Change or Terminate a Month-to-Month TenancyHere in Pennsylvania the law is:http://rturn.net/laws/evictions/...In order to evict your landlord is required to give you a proper notice. This notice must be in writing, and it must state the date that you should be out. If you are in the middle of a lease term and you have not violated the lease by falling behind in your rent for example, the landlord cannot evict you before the end of the lease term.Most written leases have a clause in them that states how much time in advance either the landlord or the tenant must give if they are not renewing the lease.If your lease does not state otherwise, the notice must give you only 15 days for a month to month or year to year lease.However, if your landlord is trying to evict you for non-payment of rent, he or she must only give you 10 days notice. This is true whether your lease is verbal or in writing.But, remember, although your landlord gives you a notice to get out, he or she can evict you ONLY after taking you to court!
How do you decide where to live when moving to the San Francisco Bay Area with school-aged children?
Decide? That presumes you have real choices. When we moved here 2 years ago, we stayed in temporary housing for 3 months, during that time, we literally found 1 place with 3 bedrooms, a not terrible commute to work, and in a good school district. Commutes of more then 10 miles can exceed an hour in some places at rush hour which really limits options. California has the worst student to teacher ratio in the nation and schools in the Bay area range between excellent to terrible often within the same town. No place accepted dogs with our minimum criteria so we had to leave our dog behind. A month to month lease was $7k a month vs $5k for yearly so waiting for better places to show up was also a non starter. Places would only be on the market for about 2 weeks so if you didn't immediately fill out an application and put down a deposit ASAP you were SOL. Expect bottom of the line appliances and things that should be trivial fixes for $5k a month to mind bogglingly persist. There seems to be a few more places on the market now then when we moved here and prices are about the same so you might have a bit more selection. The good news is, your decision will likely be easy once you resign yourself to the level of compromise you will have to make to live here as your real choices will be very few and far between. This place was designed for allowing the affluent families already living here to continue to do so without compromise, but the opposite holds true for new families trying to move here who are locked out of the decent suburban houses and must compete for places optimized for 20 something new college grads. Good luck.
My brother in law and his wife came to live with us for 2 months to save some money. They don't have basic hygiene standards. What can I do about it?
I had situations with family that are a variation on the same theme.The only way that you can make them care for a better hygiene, is to convince them. If you can not, than nothing what you will try, will help. My experience is that you have only a one to ten change to succeed. I am sorry for that.The second thing that is possible and that is what I had to do already more than once, is stop the contact with those people.Remember, there is a reason why they have nothing and de cause is more often to find in there way of living and thinking, than in an extern cause.
What is the best thing you've looked forward to in your life?
Getting my medical license.The process is so painful that sometimes I feel like stabbing myself in the heart and gouging my eye out, and jumping off a bridge at the same time. And the most frustrating part of it is that thereu2019s not a single thing I can do to speed things up.The website isnu2019t very user friendly.They request way too many documents. Like, you need to submit 6 different things to prove your citizenship. Canu2019t it be assumed that if the Federal Government gave me a passport, they know that itu2019s because Iu2019m a citizen? Canu2019t it also safely be assumed that if I graduated from a residency program, I must have graduated from a medical school at some point?The website doesnu2019t tell you everything you need to send. After youu2019ve filled out the application online, there is a PDF youu2019re supposed to find somewhere. The PDF was the old application form. Youu2019d fill it out by hand or by editing the PDF. If you did that, youu2019d see an number of appendices that told you what other documentation you were supposed to supply. But if you apply online, thereu2019s nothing to let you know what youu2019re missing. So, you have to call them. When you do, they tell you that you need a bunch of stuff youu2019d never have guessed: a background check, forms youu2019re supposed to submit to your residency programs, etc. Why not put that in the online application?Then, after you do all that, you might wonder if your file is complete. So, you call. Theyu2019ll tell you that your application hasnu2019t been processed yet. How long till it gets processed? 3 to 4 weeks! So, they wonu2019t even look at your file for 3 to 4 weeks. And, 3 to 4, of course, means 4. Then, when they look at your file, it might even be week 5 by the time they respond to you. At that point, theyu2019ll tell your that your file is missing some stuff.You ask for clarification about the missing stuff, because youu2019re pretty sure youu2019ve already sent it. You hear nothing back for a week. You call them, only to hear that they thought theyu2019d emailed you what you were supposed to fill outu2023 You submit what theyu2019re asking for, having wasted another week waiting. Then, they tell you that your file has been submitted for final approval. YAY!Then youu2019re told that, since you used to be a nurse, you should also submit a nursing license verification. Okay, no biggie, you think. You did a similar thing for Iowa a few years back. Youu2019ll just go online and have the state of Michigan send the state of Tennessee some information about the nursing license that expired 6 years ago.You get on the Michigan website, and things are so disorganized that you canu2019t for the life of you figure out how to submit the verification request. Oh, and the process has changed. In 2023. you could use the Nursys verification site. But Michigan has pulled out of this process, becauseu2023 just because. Now, you have to call during business hours, realize that youu2019re supposed to download and fill out a form, attach a money order (you canu2019t pay online anymore), and mail it to a P.O. Box.You do that, sending it by express mail. You call the next day to see if itu2019s been received. Now youu2019re told that if you want to send things by express mail, thereu2019s another address you should have sent it to, an address that was never communicated to you when you talked to the Michigan people on the phone. You learn that sending mail to the P.O. Box means that it will sit there for a week, after which it will be processed by the Cashieru2019s office/Finance office/Treasury office, then slowly make its way to the Bureau of Licensingu2023 this process might take 2 weeks. At this point, youu2019ve sent your initial application 8 weeks before. You wonder why it is that the process couldnu2019t be more streamlined. Why couldnu2019t they be a uniform process for all states? Why couldnu2019t they at least be a central database where healthcare providers could send their documentation, so that whenever they apply for licensing in a new state, that state can immediately receive all the relevant documentation. Youu2019re powerless. You try to think of other things you might do.You remember that Iowa must have a copy of your nursing verification license. You wonder if you could talk to them and see if theyu2019d share it with you. Youu2019re told that they will emphatically not release the document to you. Why? Who knows. Anyway, they might consider releasing it to the Tennessee people if they are contacted directly by their Medical Board. You sheepishly ask the people in Tennessee if theyu2019d be willing to contact Iowa, giving them a phone number, email, and fax number, knowing full well that it will be to no avail.You decide that maybe, if you were to track down the cashieru2019s office in Michigan, you could fly there and make the payment in person, in a bid to speed up the processing of your license verification request. Itu2019s after hours now, so you canu2019t be sure. Thereu2019s a plane early in the morning. You could fly to Detroit, rent a car, drive to Lansing, and give it a shot. Butu2023 what if it doesnu2019t work? You decide to wait until the morning and call the office to see if getting there in person would make a difference. You are told that it is impossible to make a payment in person, becauseu2023 rules. Thereu2019s literally not a damn thing you can do.And that, my friends, is the story of my life right now. The most frustrating part of this saga is that not only can I not work, but Iu2019m sort of homeless right now. Let me explain. A while back, I bid on a house. I used what is called a physician loan. What my lender did not tell me is that you need an active medical license. So, we were a week from the closing date before I learned this. At this point, I had three options:Walk away from the home purchase and rent. This wouldnu2019t have been a terrible idea.Prolong my temporary lease at the place I was renting. I would not do this because I hated, hated, hated them with their nickle-and-diming tactics.Wait for my license.I opted for number 3, because I thought it couldnu2019t take much longer until Iu2019d get my license. My belongings are currently in storage. Iu2019m staying with my sister in Florida. Itu2019s not the worst thing thatu2019s ever happened to anyone in human life, but itu2019s still really frustrating. The only bright spot is that I get to spend time with my family. I have a nephew and two nieces here that I hadnu2019t seen in 9 months. Theyu2019re growing so very fast. I am constantly peppering them with mental math questions, but they seem to love me for some reason. So, all in all, things could be worse.
I heard a lot of young people are making great money in commercial real estate. How does one make money in commercial real estate?
As a commercial real estate broker who focuses on investment properties I have seen people earn millions in profits. Here are a few examples on how they did it:They bought a half vacant retail building filled with low paying month to month tenants. They evicted the tenants and improved the building cosmetically. The hired a professional retail leasing team and filled the property up with better paying market rent tenants and sold the building at a profit.They bought a self storage facility at 50% occupancy. They fired the manager and hired a new one. They rebranded the property. Added a new website. Fixed a bunch of broken units and raised rents on existing customers. They then sold the property at a huge profit.They bought an apartment complex with problem tenants. They evicted the drug dealers and trouble makers and invested a few thousand per unit in kitchen and bathroom upgrades. They then raised rents and lured better residents. They then refinanced when cashflow improved and pulled nearly all of their invested capital out of the property. Now they have none of their money left in the property but still own the asset. The best of both worlds - plus their equity proceeds are not taxable- bonus!They bought a mobile home park. They evicted problem tenants and brought in new homes to fill up vacant lots and lured new residents to buy these homes which increased the income on the property. They added fences and flowers and raised lot rents on existing residents.They bought a large vacant boarded up building downtown. They hired an architect and redesigned the property into a low income housing property and used state and federal tax credits to assist in funding the projectu2019s redevelopment. Upon stabilization they refinanced with non recourse debt and owned a u201cnewu201d multifamily property without having any of their own money into it.They bought a old industrial warehouse full of multilevel racking systems and other u201cjunku201d. They offered 20 cents on tha dollar for the property which was surprisingly accepted. They then dismantled the racking system and sold the scraps for significant money. They also found thousands of dollars in value in the parts of the u201cjunku201d sitting around the property. After tallying this up they received more money in selling the scraps than what they paid for the Building (I.e. free Building!!). Money was then invested back into the building and a tenant was secured. Significant value (equity) was created using nothing but creativity and effort.This is not complicated stuff. They just saw the opportunity and took advantage of it. Some used investors and some used their own money. All used lenders for the acquisition and/or disposition strategy.Finally I got paid a commission for selling them these Buildings or for selling the Building after they improved it. Sometimes I even got to do both!Commercial Real Estate is a great business. You get to meet a diverse mix of people and see them create wealth from taking risks and working hard.
For startups, how does WeWork compare per square foot vs. leasing office space directly (and purchasing related services a la carte)? Has anyone published a good detailed analysis walking through this comparison?
We started with WeWork when they were still GreenDesk, or WeWork 1.0.There were several benefits that you get going with WeWork:Flexibility / Month-to-month with no contractImmediate occupancyGreat designServices (mainly conference rooms, coffee & printingEase of use (bring in your laptop/desktop and plugin)Vibrant environment - glass walls letu2019s you see other people which is great when you are a small companyEasy expansion (up to a point)We were in an under utilized 2023 sq ft office in Dumbo at the time when it was annoucned that the building was rezoned for residential use so we had to find office space rather quickly. GreenDesk had just opened in Dumbo about 1 block away, we checked it out, and design of the space felt great so we decided to pack up our computers and move over.Ease of SetupThe biggest advantage is the ease of setup. We literally moved our entire office just by grabbing our work machines and some chairs. We didnu2019t need anything else.Flexibility / Month To MonthBecause everything is month to month without a contract the decision on our end was much faster because we didnu2019t have to worry about a long contract or what would happen if we outgrew the space.Great DesignIf you visited other coworking spaces like Regis at the time you truly understood how great their design was. It was open, airy, but at the same time giving you privacy. It allowed you to to feel connected to other people working there and most importantly the space felt great so you really felt like you could be productive.Services & Conference RoomsThe main services we used were conference rooms, printing, and coffee. The most critical of the three were conference rooms. If you are a small team of ten, and move into a dedicated office you need a conference room. Thatu2019s immediately 25% of usable square footage that is wasted on a room that isnu2019t occupied 100% of the time. But here you get that as an amenity which is great. We never really had too much issue with booking even as the floor we were on continued to fill up.ExpansionWe expanded three times while there. Basically we were fortunate that the offices next to ours became vacant and we snatched them up. Usually over a single weekend the wall that was separating the offices was taken down and we immediately had more office space. This can be especially critical during an early growth phase when it is hard to figure out how large you are going to be and if you donu2019t want to go through an office build out or efuture usage.PriceThe price per sq ft is higher for sure, but there are several key benefits that you receive that make it worth while. First of all you are paying mostly for what you use. Because it is more modular even as you are growing, you donu2019t end up having to get a 5,000 sq ft office when you can only fill 2,500 sq ft of it.You also save on the build out costs as more often than not you will not find a new office to move into that fits your needs ideally. This saves time and money.And without a large contract, you donu2019t have to worry about what to do with your lease when you outgrow the space.Moving OutWe decided to move out of GreenDesk/WeWork primarily because Dumbo isnu2019t a great location for food. I know it sounds silly but really it was challenging to find something to eat every single day. On top of that it wasnu2019t ideal for mass transit as it really was serviced by only one train line conveniently and the rest had a 10 minute walk.We ended up getting a 2,000 sq ft office as we had grown and then had to go through the build out, getting the internet setup, getting desks and everything else.And of course a coffee machine.We had a conference room we needed to build out and so forth.We expanded in that building twice, first moving to a different floor, and then taking the office next to ours which again required more build out, taking a wall down, and working through construction.From there we went to a full floor and a half at a different building in Soho, and now we are up to three floors there.ConclusionWhile I donu2019t have the costs with this because itu2019s been years I can say that if you are up to about 12u201315 people WeWork is probably a better choice overall when you factor in true cost of ownership of the space, build out, time, etc.Once you start growing beyond 12u201315 people, you probably want something that is more dedicated and also because WeWork kind of crams you on top of each other and you probably want a little extra dead space to just not feel like you are on top of each other.If I was to do it all over again, we would definitely go and use them for the initial part of our journey without question.At the 12u201315 person mark we would consider moving out, or see if WeWork has something more dedicated that can accommodate us. The real challenge is planning for future growth and trying to be predictable about it and then finding an office location where you can get the right amount of space but still hopefully find space that you can annex as you grow over time.
Can I leave my apartment before the lease?
If your lease states u201cthe agreement maybe terminated by giving a written notice of one month.u201d then give the written notice of one month.You donu2019t say if itu2019s just you that wants to leave or all three of you. If itu2019s just you, then you are most likely u2018jointly and severallyu2023 liable for performance of the lease, which means all three of you have to obey the lease both individually and as a group. If the other two want to stay and you leave, please ask your landlord how they wish to handle it. If the two want to stay by themselves, usually the landlord will ask them to the same amount of your deposit plus check for any damage done.Iu2019m assuming you are not in WA state as under the Residential Tenant Landlord Act there are two types of leases, fixed term and periodic (aka month to month). The fixed lease term lease expires at the end of its term and then usually you are offered another fixed term lease, a month to month lease or you are not renewed. With month to month leases they can be terminated by 20 days written notice before the end of the month by either party except in the City of Seattle and now Vancouver. Seattle has a Just Cause Ordinance that allows the tenant to terminate with the required 20 days notice but owners can only terminate for one of 18 reasons.Given itu2019s clear you have the right to terminate the lease, I believe the more important part of question is how to get your security deposit back. Here are some suggestions that will help you:Perform on your lease. Get your lease out and read what you need to do. If you donu2019t have a copy of your lease, ask for a copy. Your deposit isnu2019t just to insure against non-payment of rent and damage to your home but also, for example, return of the keys etc etc.Return your home to the same condition as you received it other than normal wear and tear. In WA what normal wear and tear is not written in statute by is based on case law. The Rental Housing Association of WA has a handy guide of examples of wear and tear vs damage.Keep your home clean now. Your landlord wants to re-rent the home. If you keep it clean, itu2019s easier to show it.Communicate with your landlord. A great question is u201cHow can I help you re-rent the home?u201d another is u201cHow can I get a great reference?u201dMake sure you give your new address to them. Iu2019m amazed at the tenants who donu2019t give a forwarding address. We give them a form to fill in. If they donu2019t give a forwarding address by law we have to post the security deposit and statement to their old address. If they havenu2019t set up mail forwarding it just comes back to us.Hope that helps!
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