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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing example of commercial lease agreement

Instructions and Help about example of commercial lease agreement

Okay this one's going to take a little bit longer to explain this is the residential tenancy agreement and most likely you're going to have to read this and understand it yourself and go through it so understand one thing here is that this is the date the disagreement is basically being made next right here you have the name of the of the owner or the designated individual that is in charge or the manager or or whoever it is and then what you next what you have is you have their address what the addresses of the individual then you have the names of the residents all of the residents that are in the unit are the ones taking financial responsibility right over here next what you have is the address of the property itself the premises next what you have is you have the date that the terms of this agreement are beginning so it's going to be whatever date of whatever month of whatever year ending at whatever date month or year unless it's a month-to-month agreement then it's a thirty days notice they're going to be required and there is also a six or 12 or 24 or whatever month term agreement that we have here as well and this agreement in a renewal that we need to you need to renew this term agreement at the end of the term for otherwise basically the tenant needs to be to be able to move now of course an addendum is acceptable whatever you can negotiate there's a lot of leeway in regards to whether it's a month or a term you can give bonuses you can put rent up put read down you can give money back you can you can pay for utilities you can pay for what I mean basically it's whatever you can put your imagination to whether it's a month month or a term and how and at the end of the day your job is to maximize the likelihood of your tenant staying there next what you have is you have how they're going to be paying or whom they're going to be paying the rent to in what way so by way of handing it in every month or whatever in the month amount right there and also right here this is the damage deposit of the amount you're putting in for damage deposit you're gonna have to send this to whomever you're working with to make sure they always have a copy also next what you have is you have the security deposit what days starting on how much it's for whatever it is in your particular province or in this case this is for Alberta whatever it is that you're choosing there's a lot of freedom there you keep on going down you're going to be reading it all of course here if they should fail to take possession you want to put the amount most.