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I made the mistake of renting a room in a friend's apartment in Vancouver without signing a tenancy agreement. He kicked me out and refuses to return my damage deposit. How can I recover it?
I’m going to disagree with another poster on this. If you were sharing a space and your friend was on the tenancy agreement and you were not, you are SOL. Your accommodation falls under shared accommodation, which is not regulated under the provincial residential tenancy branch. So you have no protection against sudden eviction or someone keeping your damage deposit because shared accommodation falls outside the regulations of the residency tenancy branch.The following is lifted from a warning to tenants on the Residential Tenancy Branch website:“Is the agreement with the owner of the property (or the landlord) or is it just an agreement with a roommate (if so, the Residential Tenancy Act does not apply)?”To see the page, click on the following link and scroll down…https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/housing-tenancy/residential-tenancies/starting-a-tenancy?I wish I had better news for you but I do not. :-(
Which is more incentive to fill a form: "Number of rooms in house" or "How many rooms in house?"
It largely depends on the rest of the form, and the context. The styling needs to be consistent from field to field, so if one of the items is worded as "Number of people in the house", then you need to go for "Number of rooms".In general, people will tend to respond better to properly worded questions.So I'd go for "How many rooms does the house have?"However, if the form is long, having every entry as a complete question will actually induce some kind of fatigue for the respondent, in which case, you'll want to be short and to the point: "Number of X:" etc..
What are the legal implications of a tenant who accepts to rent a room without a tenancy agreement in Singapore?
A verbal contract would be hard to enforce in the courts for want of proof, unlike a written contract.A landlord carries the onus to verify that his tenant has the necessary visa to stay through the duration of the tenancy. A written contract with attached visa and passport info protects him from being held liable of harbouring an illegal alien.
If I pay a freind to stay in room in his apartment, can he ask me to leave whenever he wants? He has tenancy agreement
Indeed he can, unless you have a sublet tenancy agreement with him. Since you don't seem to have one, he can ask you to leave. But if he is a good friend, he should explain his predicament and give you sufficient time to make your arrangements. Otherwise, he is just an acquaintance and room mate.
We all know how to clear out a room, but how do you fill one in?
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How do I pay tax for  AIRBNB, as an international student on M1 visa renting out a room in a house in the US?
We expect all hosts to abide by their local laws, agreements, tax authorities, and any other applicable regulations. You are responsible for managing your tax and other regulatory obligations.Please contact a tax professional or consultant for advice about your tax status and compliance.
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