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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how does a 30 day notice to landlord work

Instructions and Help about how does a 30 day notice to landlord work

Hello my name is Lisa Porter Phil I am the certified property manager and broker at Empire industries today we are going to talk about the eviction process here in Houston the tenants rent is due on the 1st of the month it is late on the 4th of the month and on the 4th of the month we send out three - knows to vacate - your tenants they are sent out three different ways they are sent by email certified mail and regular mail on the 10th of the month we will file an eviction between the 4th in the 10th of the month before the eviction is filed we do attempt to collect the rent from the tenant once the eviction is filed on the 10th we then wait for our court date to go to court it takes approximately 21 days for us to go to court to get the judgment against the tenant once we go to court and gets get the judgment against the tenant you are notified and you are given the writ date which will be available to go move the tenant out once we have the writ date we file the writ which then goes to the constables office and once the writ is filed within that five days we follow up with the constable as well so once we talk with the constable and go have an appointment with the constable to meet at the house for the writ to move the tenant out we also hire the rekey company to rekey the property as well which is required by law in this time it takes approximately 21 days to take this whole process through if the writ does not go through in the tenant files an appeal within the writ time which is the five days from the time that we have been given the judgment then we have to take it to the county court it is then sent down to the county courthouse and I will give you more information on the appeal in just one second once we have done the straight eviction meaning they've given the notice to vacate we've gone to court we've got the judgment it takes approximately 45 to 60 days to do that now if the tenant files an appeal the process does take longer so the tenant can file an appeal within the five days after the judgment has been granted the to appeal types that are available since January 1st 2021 are a cash bond and paupers appeal a surety bond is no longer available as of January 1st on a cash bond the tenant has to put up three times the amount of the rent so basically the tenant will feel like they're in the right if they're able to do that poppers appeal is the most popular and what happens on a poppers appeal if the tenant has to put in one month's rent into the.