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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing month to month lease termination letter template

Instructions and Help about month to month lease termination letter template

I'd like to talk to you about the enforce ability of notification of lease termination specifically having to do with the situation's or attended fails to comply with the lease for not for something other than non-payment of rent I think there are probably a good many copy managers out there and maybe some landlords as well who may be making the same mistake that I've made for many years and it has to do with providing a notification of default wherein you tell the tenant that they have a certain number of days in which to cure the default and if they don't care that default that you will terminate the lease that find them in breach of contract and I think it's a good idea that centas notification out telling them that they're in default and that if they don't fix it they'll be found breach but there was a court case here heard here at Georgia in 1981 by the Georgia Court of Appeals it was called Kramer swim dixie pool corporation versus Kramer and in that judgment the this kind of notice that we've been using was was looked at and the judge said that because the language of the notification said that the lease will terminate on a particular date and time that isn't speaking about something that is to happen in the future if not referred to something has happened in the past and notification for brief has to be something that has happened in the past so all it requires is that a second notice be sent out and then there's known as simply saying that you failed to satisfy the default therefore you are now found a breach and the lease has terminated effective blah blah whatever that date might be now you pran adequate notification of brief if you can proceed with dis possessory in accordance with whatever the those are in your particular state well hope this information has been useful to you a written a written blog about this if you want to know a little bit more about it you can check that out on the website at I appreciate you listening to look towards be communicative sometimes.