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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Florida month-to-month lease addendum

Instructions and Help about Florida month-to-month lease addendum

What's going on so today I want to speak on mom to mom should you or should you not let your tenants go off tomorrow good question its pros and it's cons we're going a month-to-month versus having our traditional six or twelve monthly 12-month lease in place so the benefits to you for going month-to-month there are only two benefits that come to mind for you as the landlord when it comes to letting the tenants go off the month one is generally four month the month you can charge more than if you have them under a 12-month lease so let's just throw some numbers out there it would be fair if they were in the 12-month lease paying $600 and decided to go more for small going up to maybe 650 675 a month for them to do month-to-month versus the lease I think that's fair because it gives you a little extra cash in pocket and it's just one benefit to you for them for month tomorrow the other benefit that I found from lay attendant going off the month is the fact that that's the in a month in a month-to-month scenario if for whatever reason you need to get back into that property because that you want to sell it or maybe you you know you you want to move in if you have a family member or something who got this place out of town who needs to move in and you know whatever your reason is you know you have that option also - indeed of course with the months notice so that can benefit you for several reasons because say let's say you for whatever reason just wanna liquidate the property but in a 12-month lease scenario you have nine more months left before their lease is over that means you have to wait that nine months out before you can sell the property versus if your month-to-month and you just had to sell the property you could go ahead and write them to notice their 30-day notice give them their 30 days or you know whatever the law is reflecting your specific all municipality and from there you can go ahead and recoup the property and sell it do whatever it is you have to do and it's also another way let's just say you have a problem tenant in there on the month-to-month and leaves you you're neither one of y'all are stuck in that contractual agreement so if there is any problem if they have bad blood with you as a landlord - let's face it all landlords aren't you know the nicest people either or if you have problems with them as a tenant so our tenants aren't the nicest people so people aren't nice but you know we like to hope and think that the majority of them are y'all have any problems with each other y'all can go ahead and end it there and.


Should we take our dog to a shelter as we canu2019t take him when we move?
Should we take our dog to a shelter as we canu2019t take him when we move?nIf you decide to renew your apartment lease, do you have to resubmit your proof of income and/or get your credit score checked again?nIs there a penalty other than paying for the remainder of the rent for staying past the date that a tenant said that they will move out on, even if the move out date is before their lease is up?nDoes a landlord have a legal right to force a tenant to pay rent for time he is not living in his rental unit and has given the landlord authority to rent to another tenant even though a rental agreement for that time period has been signed?n
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