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Do you know how to get out of an apartment lease agreement early if you just up and move you'll be out of the apartment regardless of the lease then I have to pay a penalty for not giving the specified amount of notice I could end up stuck paying for the entire lease amount until the lease is up if you were in the military and got called up there are laws to protect servicemen that could let you break the lease I'm not in the military what can I do review the lease terms carefully look for things the apartment complex failed to prsuch as not being safe or not having heat during a snowstorm the power outage was not the landlord's fault did the landlord enter the property without your permission and violate your privacy were you threatened by other neighbors and thus forced to move no not unless you include the neighbor's dog that thinks it is a wolf if the property isn't considered habitable such as a leaky roof or holes in the floor you can argue that the landlord evicted you by not having a livable property it's annoying but not that severe your other option is to change the terms of the lease ask to shift to a month-to-month lease to get out of a long lease then leave a month or two later I can't wait that long I got a new job in some states you can move out if you are relocating more than 50 miles away then again family health reasons are good enough in some states that's pretty vague problems like hair loss or problems like being 8 months pregnant and being asked to climb three flights of stairs everybody has problems if this is a problem get an attorney you.