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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 30 day notice to move out from landlord

Instructions and Help about 30 day notice to move out from landlord

Hey everyone welcome to Beach investing I'm your host Andrei Novikov ski today we have a very special guest it was Elaine Paige how are you big value like great I'm Elaine you are from Paige paralegal yes who specializes in Landlord and Tenant matters yes we don't want to call you a tenant terminate or anything because you're not you you help people resolve issues when it comes to landlord tenant matters and yeah I find that it's much easier to work with people to resolution than to come heavy-handed because tenants are in possession of your property if you do have you handed with them they'll damage your property and that's not a good thing we don't want that and we don't want that so tell us a little bit about yourself in your what's your experiences okay I'm apparently the licensed with a long Society of Upper Canada and I am specializing in landlord and tenant law and small claims court so primarily I work for landlords helping them deal with their many many tenant issues and I've been doing it for about 20 years and I've dealt with anything twenty years all right so we have quite a bit of experience thank you so what I like to share with my viewers today is I wanna I want to kind of give them a little wake-up call what do landlords do today that they think they can do what they really are not supposed to do so many landlords still today are asking for security deposits well beyond what is legally allowed and they think that if they can frame it as something else that it is okay typically we see you know furniture leases or something of that ilk the fact of the matter means is that you can only take the first - month's rent as a deposit and however you frame it that if it's beyond that it's illegal okay so that's the first time okay the second one is that landlords often get very frustrated that their tenants haven't paid their rent so they do things like shutting off the power turning off the water and generally trying to harass their tenants these types of activities are hugely bindable offenses of the landlord tenant board and you could be looking at pies of twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars so that's a biggie and I think one of the biggest problems we have a small landlord is that they believe that condominium strings will they believe that if they enter into a yearly tenancy agreement once that year is out the tenant must leave and that is just not the case so with that what happens after the year becomes a month to month tenancy and there's only very specific grounds in which you can evict the tenant okay want to be one of those sort of cases where you can give them notice or you can give them notice if you.