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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 30 day notice to move out from landlord

Instructions and Help about 30 day notice to move out from landlord

Hey everyone welcome to Beach investing I'm your host Andrei Novikov ski today we have a very special guest it was Elaine Paige how are you big value like great I'm Elaine you are from Paige paralegal yes who specializes in Landlord and Tenant matters yes we don't want to call you a tenant terminate or anything because you're not you you help people resolve issues when it comes to landlord tenant matters and yeah I find that it's much easier to work with people to resolution than to come heavy-handed because tenants are in possession of your property if you do have you handed with them they'll damage your property and that's not a good thing we don't want that and we don't want that so tell us a little bit about yourself in your what's your experiences okay I'm apparently the licensed with a long Society of Upper Canada and I am specializing in landlord and tenant law and small claims court so primarily I work for landlords helping them deal with their many many tenant issues and I've been doing it for about 20 years and I've dealt with anything twenty years all right so we have quite a bit of experience thank you so what I like to share with my viewers today is I wanna I want to kind of give them a little wake-up call what do landlords do today that they think they can do what they really are not supposed to do so many landlords still today are asking for security deposits well beyond what is legally allowed and they think that if they can frame it as something else that it is okay typically we see you know furniture leases or something of that ilk the fact of the matter means is that you can only take the first - month's rent as a deposit and however you frame it that if it's beyond that it's illegal okay so that's the first time okay the second one is that landlords often get very frustrated that their tenants haven't paid their rent so they do things like shutting off the power turning off the water and generally trying to harass their tenants these types of activities are hugely bindable offenses of the landlord tenant board and you could be looking at pies of twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars so that's a biggie and I think one of the biggest problems we have a small landlord is that they believe that condominium strings will they believe that if they enter into a yearly tenancy agreement once that year is out the tenant must leave and that is just not the case so with that what happens after the year becomes a month to month tenancy and there's only very specific grounds in which you can evict the tenant okay want to be one of those sort of cases where you can give them notice or you can give them notice if you.


My landlord is telling me I have a week to leave because his son needs the apartment. Doesn't he need to give me more notice. How can I find a new place to live in 1 week?
Typical notice is 30 days. It could be as low as 10 days in special cases such as non payment of rent. Here are the laws in each state via State Rules on Notice Required to Change or Terminate a Month-to-Month TenancyHere in Pennsylvania the law is:http://rturn.net/laws/evictions/...In order to evict your landlord is required to give you a proper notice. This notice must be in writing, and it must state the date that you should be out. If you are in the middle of a lease term and you have not violated the lease by falling behind in your rent for example, the landlord cannot evict you before the end of the lease term.Most written leases have a clause in them that states how much time in advance either the landlord or the tenant must give if they are not renewing the lease.If your lease does not state otherwise, the notice must give you only 15 days for a month to month or year to year lease.However, if your landlord is trying to evict you for non-payment of rent, he or she must only give you 10 days notice. This is true whether your lease is verbal or in writing.But, remember, although your landlord gives you a notice to get out, he or she can evict you ONLY after taking you to court!
What are the consequences of not honoring a 30-day move out notice I gave to my landlord?
Read your lease, it is a legal contract. Without 30 days notice, It is likely landlord can demand another month's rent,and enforce it with your security deposit AND ADDITIONAL FOR DAMAGE REPAIR.If you are inexperienced, get an older fart to read your lease to bring reality into your thinking -- we all tend to interpret contracts in our favor and get angry ans shocked when other opibions are closer to legal reality.THIS IS FAIR BECAUSE YOUR 30 DAY NOTICE IS LANDLORD'S OPPORTUNITY TO PREPARE/REPAIR THE PROPERTY TO KEEP HIS INCOME CONSTANT AND KEEP RENT REASONABLE AND COMPETETIVE.This is also fair because you signed the agreement !The more you help your landlorg get the property ready. The better treatment you will get -- offer easy stuff like moving your belongings around so owned can get earliest sccess and get ahead on inspection and getting repairs planned and even started . If you damsged sheetrock, you could spackle it flush and save the owner a half day painters visit $200.00 bare minimum if you invesr $15. Window washing? Super clean. Let owner inspect and maybe negotiate stiff you couls do. (Assuming you can do quality work. If rou ruined something, consider replacing itHe is gonna chatge you for it anyway and you could save his monleying sround to replace an $10.00 lamp sconse. You might do it cheaper, especially if you review your proposed fixes to meer owner's quality needs.There is some psychology involved -- showing owner you want to help his success will affect his attitude toward you. And yes, there are bad landlords. You have to make judgements but your assessment will be better if you talk to owner.
How can my roommate give me a 30-day notice to move out if she isn't the landlord and there isn't a rental agreement from the owner of the house that we live in?
If you were both on the lease of the apartment then your roommate cannot do that. If your roommate is the leaseholder and then took you on as a roommate then she may ask you to leave But even that would be difficult once you have established residency. If there is no lease at all then your roommate has no more power than you do. So once again you don’t have a right to ask you to leave. The only way around this would be if one party was to get a restraining order from the court. Then the opposite party would have to leave otherwise they would be in violation of that restraining order. Which would result in jail. But even that would be difficult once you have established residency. If there is no lease at all then your roommate has no more power than you do. So once again you don’t have a right to ask you to leave. The only way around this would be if one party was to get a restraining order from the court. Then the opposite party would have to leave otherwise they would be in violation of that restraining order. Which would result in jail
My landlord asked us to move out in 5 weeks, but informed us over SMS instead of serving us a 30 or 60-day notice. What happens if we don't move out?
The dominant rule would be the clauses of your lease, followed by state and local law regarding renter's rights.The lease is a contract until the end of a rental period, usually rounded to whole years.  The lease may have clauses specifying the termination in this scenario.In the grand scheme of things, the landlord's slip up on 'form of notice' gives you some angle for dispute.This notice was today.  You may want to wait until that week of slack time has elapsed before pitching the idea of exiting a week later than June 4.  The proper notice may be in the mail today, or else be mailed the moment you note the problem.In the real world, most people just want things to go smoothly.  Your orderly exit allows the sale to occur.  Your positive approach to an orderly exit a week later than ideal is still orderly, and the landlord may thank heaven for it.
My former landlord lost my 30 days notice, and has sent me to collections for the 2 months after my move out date. How can I resolve this problem?
You should contact the apartment management company and attempt to resolve this matter with them.If that does not work then you should gather up all your documents and file an action in your local small claims court to recover your security deposit and to obtain a judgment from the court stating that you owe no back rent as claimed by the landlord or its "collection agent." There is a nominal filing fee and you do not need a lawyer to do this.Good luck!
If I give 30 days notice to move from a rental, do I have to stay another month? How long do I actually have to stay before I have to move out?
If 30 days is the agreed term, then you can move out whenever you wish, as long as you pay for that 30 days.Q: If I give 30 days notice to move from a rental, do I have to stay another month? How long do I actually have to stay before I have to move out?I did that once, gave notice, and said I would be leaving early, just a few days later.The landlord said they had someone ready to move in, but I still had to pay the full term.I said OK, but I will leave some of my things in the property and collect them on my last day covered by rent. That way it was not empty. Landlord accepted 14 days rent, not 30, if I took all my things early…
My landlord asked me to move out in 30 days (because they need the place for themselves). If I move out earlier than 30 days, do I still owe the full-months rent (I am on month-to-month lease)?
You are on a month-to-month lease, so the reason for them wanting you out really doesn’t matter.If you were on a longer lease, it would matter, because in almost every jurisdiction, that’s one of the few reasons they would be allowed to evict in the middle of a lease. But in that case, they can still get you out in 30 days.You owe the full amount, if you occupy the unit for any part of the 30 days, so long as the move out deadline corresponds to the day the rent is due.If the want you out a week after you normally pay rent, they are not required to prorate • but if they do not, if you’ve paid the rent for a a full month, you are entitled to the full month, and they would almost certainly lose in court if they tried to remove you sooner, so you could just hang out until the time you had paid for was over.It’s like putting money in a parking meter, you might be sitting in your car reading, which you could do anywhere, and someone wants your space, but you can just sit there until the meter runs out.So if they want you out earlier, they should be willing to prorate • or if you’ve sat on this question after paying rent during the 30 window they have given you, refund a prorated amount.The problem with asking for a refund, however, is that since you are aware they have need of the place for an “owner occupy” • they are probably needing the place because they are in financial straights, and may not have the money to give a refund.The best day to negotiate is the day of the notice.
How do I write a 30 day notice to landlord?
Just be up front and do something simple, like:"DATE HEREMr/Ms/Mrs Name HereI wish to thank you for being a good landlord.  After a lot of thought, I'm afraid the home I'm in now no longer fits my needs.  As per the requirements of my lease, this is my 30 day notice that I will be leaving on INSERT DATE HERE.  I will turn in my keys to you on that date.  I ask that you perform a move out inspection in my presence so that I can verify any issues you may find during the inspection, and so that I may have an opportunity to fix the problems before you decide to deduct the costs from my security deposit.Again, I thank you for being such a good landlord.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a place to move to.Sincerely,Your Name Here"I would make two copies of it, and probably send the landlord's copy via certified mail so that they cannot say they did not receive it.Hope this helps.D
Can you demand a rent relocation fee in the City of Manhattan Beach CA if the landlord gives a 60 day notice to move out for renovations?
No,a landlord is only required to give proper notice and nothing more.If you are forced out due to conditions of the property, then a landlord must pay to assist in relocation fees
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