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Is it legal for an apartment Landlord or property manager that?

Is it legal for an apartment Landlord or property manager that continues to harass the tenant that follows the rental agreement to go with bi-weekly or bi-monthly inspections in Northeast Ohio? i cant think of any earthly reason a landlord could justify that many inspections. Once or twice a year is the norm, nationwide. But, technically, unless your lease specifies how many inspections or how often, it is legal for the landlord to do this as long as he gives the required notice. You should not renew your lease and and should move out when it expires. This is ludicrous. If you were a bad tenant who needed that much supervision, the landlord would already have more than enough evidence to have you evicted, so obviously things arent that bad. Perhaps his goal is to get you to move out when the lease expires. Who knows? But it would be crazy of you to stay there any longer than you need to do. I would also strongly recommend that you contact your local landlord/tenant government agency (city or county) and get their input on this. The landlords actions, even if theyre legal, tread very close to harassment.

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