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Can rental agreements in NYC require a minimum term of occupancy?

Specifying a minimum term of occupancy is a lease. The terms of that lease stay in effect for the length of the leasethat means the rent stays the same. Just be aware that if the lease specifies the rent doubles every month that is legal. Crazy, but legal. The type of lease to beware of is a 30 day or month to month lease. With that type of lease the landlord could increase your rent amount without a reason; BUT he has to give you 30 days notice before the increase takes effect. The two scenarios I used are rare. I have at times rented to some fairly marginal tenants. After being burned several times, I now write only 30 day leases with the promise in writing that I wont raise the rent for at least one year. I tell them that they are in effect on a probationary period to prove they are the good people they say they are. If they dont pay or start misbehaving; I evict them when the 30 days are up. When they have showed that they are reliable and good tenants; then I will write a new fixed-term lease if they want. It is possible to evict someone on a fixed term lease before that period is up. But it is a much higher bar to clear; I have to show cause and prove my case to a judge. With a 30 day lease I can kick you out because I dont like the shoes you wear. Nota bene, I wouldnt actually do that unless you wear football or baseball metal cleats or golf shoes indoors. lol That I havent run into yet.

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