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Can I claim my foreign conjugal?

First, a minor but important distinction in case there is a misunderstanding in your case. There is a very important distinction between a tax credit and a tax deduction. A tax credit is deducted directly from any tax that you know. The most common tax credit I can think of is the $1000 disability tax credit, which is not easy to get as you have to be significantly disabled. A tax deduction, which is what you are asking about, is something that is deducted from your gross income before tax is calculated. So, you will only get a reduction in your taxes of a percentage of he deduction. As to your question, I doubt very much if you would be able to claim a common-law spouse not resident in Canada as a dependent, but an accountant may be able to find a way or maybe there is something that the CRA will accept as proof of dependency. Maybe theres a tax expert on here that can give you a better answer. If not, you should speak to an accountant or tax specialty company like H&R Block.

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