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Is it legal to evict someone without notice when I signed a rental?

Your other questions indicate that you havent been evicted without notice, youve just been served with an order to vacate, and that is entirely proper since that document is your notice. You are not generally entitled to any other warnings, so it doesnt appear that your legal rights have been violated. From what I can piece together from your comments on this subject, youve been renting on a month-to-month basis for a number of years, from a landlord who recently passed away. That is indeed a confusing situation to be in, but since your landlord had already appointed a neighbor of yours to act as her agent and collect rent, you can continue to pay this person until someone else contacts you. If the property was left to an heir that person should contact you and show proof of ownership, but if its more complicated an administrator of the estate will be the one you deal with instead. Until someone contacts you with proof that they are authorized to manage the account, you can deposit your rent into an escrow account, but that isnt necessary when the property manager is still available though youll always want to hang onto your receipts! You mentioned several reasons why you were told to vacate, and you dispute most of them and suspect retaliation instead, but if you are a renting on a month-to-month basis, all that is irrelevant as no cause is needed to terminate your tenancy. You have had some conflicts with the neighbor who was appointed to collect rent, and apparently he is awaiting trial on a drug charge, but that doesnt matter. He could be a murderer, but if he is authorized to manage the property, it wont make any difference. Now, if you are unsure about whether this person has the authority to order you to vacate, you can certainly ask for proof, but if he can demonstrate that is acting on behalf of the current owner or the estate, you wont gain anything by bringing his unrelated alleged crimes into it. Your situation is complicated a bit by all the surrounding circumstances, but the short answer is that except in extreme and rare cases, you are entitled to at least three days notice before an eviction suit is filed, followed by some time while you wait for your hearing, and then finally a minimum of 24 hours to move out once you have been formally evicted. However, it appears that you only received the first notice, the one issued by the landlord (or their agent) to order you to vacate before they file an eviction suit. This is standard procedure, and if you do not comply the next step will be an actual eviction notice issued by the court. Once your landlord takes that step it will become part of your public record and visible to other landlords, and even if you were to win the case or leave and get it dismissed, it is highly likely to damage your future prospects. As a month-to-month tenant, you probably wont have any real recourse here, so I would suggest that you comply and vacate within the timeframe listed.

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